Sex Education for our young

Health, Stories 4/11/2013 by Akaafele

Most Parents/guardians today shy away from discussing sex with their children. While some view such discourse as a taboo others simply think it’s not necessary. To educate children especially the teen age on issues of premarital intimacy and relationships quite differs from encouraging them to have premarital sex. Given the perverted nature of our times, parents should not shy away from theoretically educating there children about sex the right way, else they’ll get the wrong education (perhaps practically) from their peers or wrong people out there.

Sex education enables the young to think for themselves and take right decisions regarding premarital sex. It prepares their young inquisitive minds to face peer pressures and abhor promiscuous acts. Sex education of both the male and female gender should be encouraged at all levels in order to help check prevalent cases of teenage pregnancy, STDs, emotional traumas suffered by our young, sexual abuse, rape and other forms of sexual offenses.

Sex education should not be the sole responsibility of parents alone but also that of our religious leaders, school teachers, NGOs, government, including family friends of moral standing. In fact, sex education should be entrenched and made part of our school/formal education system curricula especially at the primary and secondary school levels.

Talk about it and impact positive ideas into them regarding sex instead of leaving them at the mercy of experimentation and peers. That way, they’ll stand a better chance in our now perverted world.

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