PAMSET Schools, Aliade: Taking Over The Private Sector

PAMSET Schools, Aliade: Taking Over The Private Sector

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PAMSET Schools, Aliade was established in September, 2014 by Mr Asema Samuel T. It has both Secondary School and Nursery & Primary School. The schools are located at Tse-Uba, Aliade, Gwer East Local Government Area.

The population of the schools has quickly increased as a result of students’ performance, which is unavoidably made by possible by good management and the quality of teachers. And this is obviously seen by the extension ongoing at the school premises.

The School has over 55 qualified staff on its juicy pay roll for the both schools.

Befitting administrative offices and conducive learning environment is available for knowledge dissemination.

PAMSET Schools is one of the private schools intro Gwer East Local Government Area with dependable learning facilities:


The school has a library with modern text books for both junior and secondary school.


PAMSET has a well equipped laboratory with modern equipment that cost over one million Naira (N1,000,000.00), only and with more to be purchased. This laboratory is handled by qualified science teachers.

Water System:

PAMSET has a running water system for the consumption of the students and management. This system enables the toilets with water system to be functional, and it serves the laboratory too.


PAMSET has an examination body for Basic Education Certificate Examination for junior secondary school classes.


The senior secondary school will take her first WAEC and NECo examinations this year. The proprietor also disclosed that, the the registration is N25,000.00 for WAEC and NECO each.

Examination Hall:

The school management has decided to build a separate examination hall apart from the school hall. This will also enable the smooth management of examinations and enhance comfortability.

The School has two well furnished staff rooms for the comfortability of the qualified teachers.

In other to enhance the pupil’s skill acquisition, the management has also made available a poultry farm and agro-chemical facilities. These facilities will encourage the pupils to understand how to raise chicken, and have a good knowledge on agro-chemical, so that they may be self dependant, now and after then.

The School through the pupils can now offer certain services concerning agro-chemical and most aspects of poultry.

With this Magnus progress and more to come, PAMSET is in a steady speed taking over the private educational sector in Gwer East Local Government.

I am Lipsey Treysoo Ibn Akeji

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