On Whose Desk The Buck Stops

Development, Stories 5/12/2020 by Jessica Mne

In the general order of society, it is believed and true that elders control and detect the direction at which a society moves. Every elderly person you see today talks about the good old days, how they were raised with sound morals, values in an ethical sanctified environment. Each is quick to discredit the ones coming up for the low value ascribed to morals and societal norms.

The bigger question still remains, why is it that, a generation which was so much privileged to have benefited from such are the ones who consequently ushered in morally decadent children into the society so to speak?

Every evil committed today, every hatred seen – stereotyped experienced, any moral and value bankruptcy seen evident today took the negligence, indulgence and authority of someone some time ago.

Now, there’s no state of automatic society running from generation to generation. The nearest approach to a continuum in any society corresponding to what its standards should remain consists of the ethics, traditions, customs and ideas previously held, structured and championed by the initial inhabitants of that society. Our elders thus, had the power through the selection of ideas, types and ordering of social activities to perpetuate the pace at which society should move.

They are certain deliberate decisions and actions our forebears took and motioned, decisions and actions we are currently taking and motioning that created and are creating an enabling environment for the state of society today and consequently, the state of society in time to come.

The authority our forebears had in selecting ideas and structuring them was deliberately done depending on what and what they agreed to, the stories that stood well with them, ranging from myths, religion, part of history etc that which they didn’t agree with was deliberately ignored. Stories that portrayed how much different we are, rather than how similar. Stories that portrayed how a particular group, people, religion and culture are the problem rather than seeing the role we all play in creating that problem. It is evident to note that, the people in authority have the ability to ignore stories they don’t agree with because they are likely not to be influenced by the effect of these stories because they know the whole truth.  Every evil committed today, every hatred seen – stereotyped experienced, any moral and value bankruptcy seen evident today took the negligence, indulgence and authority of someone some time ago.

As children develop; they will attempt to make meaning of the environment around them. They learn by seeing, hearing and through observation. Whether we realize this or not, children both want and need structures to enable them feel safe and loved

Today, you and I are at authority in creating that society we so desire. The authority to select ideals, structures and types which consequently will be taken over by generations yet to come. We also have the power right now to make decisions and motion them into actions which consequently will pave way for how possible society will be in time to come. How positive enough are the norms you are setting in place? Are you going to tell stories that suit your ideas and ignore those you don’t agree with? We are likely to be affected by same thing if we don’t break away from the mental superiority complex thing.

When values are continually being emptied of their true contents and replaced with decadent relics of a different culture with time, it gradually will become a new norm which is likely to send an entire generation into chaos. By reason of a bad heritage, an entire race is likely to degenerate.

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  1. Ирина

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