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22nd October 2015; A Moment That Changed Me

Remembrance, Stories 22/10/2016 by Marita Anase Bunde

Everything seems so strange.

I ask everyday if this is all a dream but I have never been woken from it yet.

I look at your pictures and ask where are those big brown eyes.

Where is the soft smile that brings joy to my heart?

Where is the laughter and the talk of childhood and our future?

Where is that soft and understanding soul?

Where is my confidant, friend and sister?

If tears could build a stairway and thoughts of memory lane I will walk right up to heaven and bring you home.

But it’s all up in my head.

my heart is still active in sadness and secret tears still flow.

What is meant to lose you  no one can ever know.

I know you want us not to mourn you again but to rejoice and remember all the happy times we spent and also life has so much in store for us.

So I can no longer be heartbroken and cry selfishly but walk on the part you’ve left behind.

In my heart is where you will always stay.

God knows why death gathers those we love so much.

And what seems so strange and dim will all be clear when we meet him.

I miss you much more dearly.

For having you as my sister I thank God

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One thought on “22nd October 2015; A Moment That Changed Me

  1. Akaa Justice

    Great composure. Please accept my condolence sister Marita. We miss you sis Vanessa. Rest with the Lord.


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