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Nigeria Election 2019; The People

Leadership, Stories 13/03/2019 by Blessing Edeh

ni’bo ni oruko mi wa 

That was everyone’s question  

As they keep searching for their names  

On the register pasted on the wall 

Excitement on their faces  

Anxious to join the line and vote! 

As I watch every gesture every smile  

And excitement trying to understand  


Old! I mean the very old joy of voting  

Their four years away was on the face of many  

As I keep close-eye on everyone and still trying to understand the joy on the face of many people both old and young 

Party agents making sure there are more votes on their side, and I keep wondering what the drive behind so much push to win! 

These questions kept popping 

  1. Are they working this hard for a change? 
  2. Would the people applaud them for a job well-done and for helping them make the right decisions? 
  3. I mean are the people their drive or the politicians? 

Soo many questions and uncertainty 

So I stayed calm, I need to be calm this is my country I’ll play my part… 

People came out in their plenty but nothing close to the ballot papers allotted to the unit and then I watched closely and realized the many people whose efforts can change the hardship and inconsistency in our country are the ones not coming out to vote… 

The bribed, the convinced and the manipulated made up the crowd  

Anger, pain and tears grip my heart 

Where are the people who would stand for what’s right? On social media, I guess! 

We have failed individually…

We have done nothing but complain 

We need to stop complaining 

We need to act rightly… 

The change we seek to find is us  


One thought on “Nigeria Election 2019; The People

  1. Josephine Joseph

    Most of the people that are supposed to stand for the right! are the once making noise on social media
    70%of them don’t have voters card to talk more of voting
    They make noise and publish fake news around the world


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