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Her works take a critical view on social, political and cultural issues, often referencing traditional African history and culture as a source of inspiration and debate. Joy is particularly interested in using art as a way to restore our connection to our diminishing culture which we are fast leaving behind. She feels there is a sense of urgency for contemporary artists to document our cultural practices that in some cases are being abandoned.

She relies on our desires for beauty, design and aesthetics. While she uses a variety of materials and processes in each project, her methodology is quite consistent. She particularly enjoys painting with acrylic and oil but also uses found objects to produce mixed media pieces and installations.

Joy is skilled in video editing, graphic design and photography. She works with different media, such as acrylic, charcoal, pastel, oil, mixed media, found objects and installations. She has juried several art exhibitions and competitions.

Her works attempt to express an interplay of metaphorical themes, drawn from traditional folklore, music, fashion, dance and poetry. she uses lines and different African motifs to convey her ideologies, in forms that reference traditional African history and culture as well as for pure experimentation.

Joy Tomtom © I am Benue 2020

For Joy, art is evolving. It is an ever changing and intriguing course of action. The subject matter of each body of work determines the materials and forms of the work. Joy is a strong advocate for a safe environment and some of her works are centered on issues relating to the environment and climate change. She places value on every opportunity to refine her artistic skills and also takes on challenges that confront new art trends and practices. 

Joy is skilled in video editing, graphic design and photography. She works with different media, such as acrylic, charcoal, pastel, oil, mixed media, found objects and installations. She has juried several art exhibitions and competitions. She also uses her art as a tool for community engagement. Her works can be found in a myriad of public and private art collections in Nigeria and abroad. She lives and practices in Abuja, Nigeria.

Selected Exhibitions


  • Vilsquare Virtual Art Exhibition: Exploring COVID-19 Through the Lens of Art
  • Children’s Nature Art Exhibition
  • ‘Boxed In’ – COVID-19 Social Response Strategy through Art


  • Meraki Mixed Art Exhibition – Nile University Abuja
  • Breast Cancer Awareness Art Exhibition – Centenary City, Abuja
  • Unity Open Canvas by Creative Cities Abuja, Jabi Lake


  • Afrexim Expo – Transcorp Hilton Abuja 
  • The Merge: Fluidity of Thoughts – World Art Day Celebration.  IICD Centre, Abuja


  • #57StoriesofNigeria Public Art – Creative Cities NG, Abuja 
  • One Environment Hybrid Installation – British Council, Abuja
  • Ogidi Day Exhibition – Nike Art Gallery Ogidi, Kogi State
  • Breaking Forth from Within – World Art Day, Thought Pyramid Art Centre
  • Be Bold for Change: Women Arise – International Women’s Day, Nike Art Gallery, Lagos 


  • Best of Junk – JunkManFromAfrika, One Environment Hybrid, Thought Pyramid Art Centre, Abuja
  • Pledge for Parity: Be Seen, Be Heard – The Exhibition Pavilion, Abuja


  • Consumption by Moonlight, Environmental Art Foundation, Abuja
  • Women make it Happen, Transcorp Hilton, Abuja
  • Clarion Call – Peace and Unity, ParkLand Golf Resort, Abuja


  • Imago Mundi – Image of the World, Nigeria and Italy
  • Turkish Cultural Festival, Turkish/Nile University, Abuja, Nigeria
  • Women in National Development, Transcorp Hilton, Abuja
  • Independence Day Celebration, National Gallery of Art, Enugu
  • Together Again: In-House Exhibition, National Gallery of Art, Enugu and Kaduna, Nigeria


  • NIVATOUR2 – Korea / Nigeria, A Friendship over Decades, Total Museum, Seoul, South Korea
  • From Within: In-House Exhibition, National Gallery of Art, Kaduna, Nigeria


  • SNA / AGAN Exhibition, Benue State University Auditorium, Makurdi, Nigeria


  • National Festival of Art and Culture – NAFEST, Makurdi, Nigeria

Galleries, Corporate & Private Collections (Selected)

  • National Gallery of Art, Nigeria
  • The Presidency, Office of SA Job Creation, FCT, Abuja
  • Max Woody Tech. Makurdi, Nigeria
  • Chinese Cultural Centre, Abuja, Nigeria

Sources of Information & Links to Interviews/Publications

  • The Art of Nigerian Women – Ben Bosah Books, New Albany, Ohio
  • Nigeria / Roots: Contemporary Artists from Nigeria
  • FABRICA, Italy 2014 See pages 262 & 263
  • Interview with Rosita Garškaitė (Lithuania)

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2 thoughts on “Joy Iorvihi Is A Versatile Artist

  1. Temi

    Joy is a very talented artist, I’ve had an opportunity to see some of her works and it’s so amazing …

  2. Joshua Woodhall

    Joy is here to help the world, and I believe she will and already has. Not only is she a kind, playful soul, she is also a great inspiration for my own work.


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