Is Marriage The End Of A Woman’s Dream?

Relationship, Stories 22/02/2017 by Aondoakaa Fele

… Isolated, Voiceless, Prisoned and all that for marriage sake!

At first you were attracted to her looks, the things she does, how she dress, cook, smile, dance, walk and so on. But marrying her, you made her change most of her way of life to suit yours; That is making her to appear and behave as you want or like guys put it; Presentable.

At this particular time, you want all hers, so you came up with all that behave responsible, dress descent and be respectful as a married woman talk to her, you know all of that right?

Well, as your wife and with our tradition and culture plus respect, she complies!

To you she is now all you want, to others marriage is making her grow mature or as expected, making her a good lady or woman (or better addressed as madam), responsible and all that, you know what people say right? But how are you trying to be all her wants? How are you trying to make her remain that person you were attracted to?

Support your woman/wife to be supported by her, it is the medicine to a lasting marriage!

Don’t forget, you love reading and hearing her speaks, her opinion about life and all that which blinds you from watching other women from behind when they walk pass you or made you deaf not to hear that sound of the high heels to turn to. She was that person better than your best friend, which you made her a friend for life because there was trust and support in what you two shared.

So what happen to the trust and support? If you said nothing, does it mean her accepting to marry you means an end to her dreams? You get? Okay things are hard, but she must have had dreams of maybe owing her business, travelling, a career in tailoring, media and all, why don’t you be that all that she wanted by supporting her and things she does?

Why make her a house wife and isolate her, making her feel prisoned for marriage sake, instead of enjoying and feeling free and better in it. Why do you break your head of acting and practicing the saying that in our culture, a man must provide all that is needed in a home instead of supporting your wife, your ‘helpmate’ as they put it, to achieve what she wanted, discovering herself to be in a position where she can support you for I am the man’s sake!

Everyone needs someone in life and if you have a helpmate, a friend for life, a friend, treat them as you will like them to treat you, like it is said treating people. And also, remember that, whatever she is or you are, two of you will share the credits or blames. Support your woman/wife to be supported by her, it is the medicine to a lasting marriage!

One thought on “Is Marriage The End Of A Woman’s Dream?

  1. Kakra

    Beautiful writeup and it captures my heart a lot. marriage is definitely not our end. hope women can read this and learn. KUDOS.


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