I am confused, life; Queen Precious Ogidi

I am confused, life; Queen Precious Ogidi

Relationship, Stories 13/11/2016 by iambenue

I am confused on a lot of things in life right now, all my life I have always known its not going to be easy but hey is part of the process.

Growing up my best colour was yellow but now its green, things change I know but some cross the line, even as hard as the tortoise back was its still got cracks, so rules can be ruled out and laws can be broken to provide more effective ones.

I have only loved a particular tribe to settle down with but it was not how I imagined it to be, finding out that the reason was because his mom and dad won’t be happy if he brought a Benue girl home, so I moved on.

That affected my thinking for some time and it passed, it was my first time ever, young and confused. Years later, a friend called telling me that, he said that our relationship could not work out was because:

“It has been in my family culture not to marry from another tribe, so I could not go so deep”

Now am angry.

I am angry not because, it was my second experience of such from the same tribe, but because while in relationship; I had blame myself for so many years thinking I was the problem.

So I want to ask how do we spend a lot of time, effort and money to get educated yet live in the shells we try to brake free from, tribal wars, tribal this and that, am so sick and tired.

Bless parents out there whose prayers are for their kids to have the right partners irrespective of were they come from. This change starts from our heart. Most of us live some lie, in denial and unhappy making our parents happy but it’s just us refusing to take those steps.

When we think one is superior to another, we plant it in our children’s head and the generation kick it up from there and has been the disease eating us up, you want something you can’t have it because someone says so, you live your life pleasing everyone but yourself.

We should out grow this tribalism born infested way of thinking and open our heart to a more vast and repaired way of life, to treat individuals as individuals but not as to were one is from, so what makes us different from some white people who are racist.

We must not forget God made all tribes and all belongs to him.

We should pray for compatible, loving, caring and above all understanding partners and not the other way round. I am always going to be from Benue State, Idoma by tribe and if you don’t accept that, then it’s your lost.

We are humans; who we are, and what we bring to the table is what makes us, tribe, state and religion has nothing to do with that in my own opinion. Don’t miss that special one because you care about what others think.

I am Queen Precious Ogidi
Face Of Idoma 2015/16

2 thoughts on “I am confused, life; Queen Precious Ogidi

  1. Agbolizm

    we al hav 2 chang d idealogy dat “notin gud cud com out of jerusalem”
    am my trib my trib is mine u can’t chang it bt u can wok wit it

  2. Demato Cosmos

    Always take pride in where u hail from and in who u are and never u allow a bigot demean u based on the difference in where u come from. People will always like or dislike u irrespective of where u hail from or what u repressent in the society. What bigots are missing in this lifetime is that they limit their chances of having some of the greatest companions. I want u to consider urself as one of those great friends such a bigot has loosed, and hope for someone better to come. As a matter of fact, there is something good in every rejection we suffer; problem is most times we fail to see that goodness that lies in the rejection…


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