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Honestly There’s Nothing Inside Marriage

Relationship, Stories 27/08/2017 by Ayila Waya

The above statement is very true and a lot of people may laugh at me but they will agree it’s true.

Especially with what I have seen in my marriage recently, I have been left with no choice but to believe every word of the statement that there’s nothing inside marriage, it is totally empty and I can prove it.

Here’s my proof:

Around 3:23 am while I slept, I felt a soft tender palm caressing my beards and as I opened my eyes I saw the woman I call my sweetness smiling at me, she whispered I love you and I responded by saying I love you too dear, I continued my sleep, and within a second I felt a peck on my left cheek.

In recent months she’s hardly asleep for long through the night cos the movements from bedroom to bathroom and back with increasing frequency have become part of her sleep routine as her baby bump gets bigger and bigger compressing her bladder in the process (I sometimes wish I could carry the baby for her).

While staying awake through the night (due to frequent urination), rather than turn-on the room TV, she preferred to caress my beards, stare at my sleeping face, whisper I love you and give me a peck.

I swear her Charisma is such that no scale can quantify.

love is only a feeling till you show it

As I went back to sleep It occurred to me that even when I am sleeping, my Sweetness is putting love in our marriage, just then I realised that what we have in our marriage is what we have put into it, whether its the quarrels and the arguments, the peace and the agreements, the gratitude and the appreciation, the trust and the faithfulness, the laughter and the joy, the patience and the impatience, the sporadic anger that comes sometimes, the success and the mediocrity, the fasting and the prayers are things we put in our marriage.

Diamonds are mere stones till you polish it, farms don’t yield harvest till they are cultivated, a fire burns out when you stop piling in the wood, love is only a feeling till you show it, my beards were just there till they were caressed by her palm, there’s nothing inside marriage until you put something in it.

Mr. And Mrs. Ayila Waya. © IamBenue 2017
Mr. And Mrs. Ayila Waya. © IamBenue 2017

A happily married couple are simply a couple who are putting happiness inside their marriage.

Marriage can be painful if you put pain into it, boring if you put boredom into it and tiring if you put tiredness into it (even being single can be desperate and frustrating if you put desperation and frustration into it).

My Sweetness and I are eight months into our marriage cos we have put only eight months into it, we will be 40 years in marriage as soon as we put 40 years into it. Anything we put in our marriage is exactly what we will find inside it, if we put nothing in it there will be nothing in it.

I think if I keep calling her Sweetness, showing her sweetness and treating her with a dose of sweetness everyday then the sweetness in her will continue to sweeten.

May God bless her for partnering with me to put sweetness in our marriage, we can’t thank him enough because there’s a certain kind of sweetness only God can put in marriage and honestly he’s doing his bit, he has put the fruit of the womb in our marriage and around the end of September (next month) he will put a child in our marriage.

Honestly there’s nothing inside marriage, nothing at all except the things you put in it (please put sweet things).

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