Happy Girls Hangout; The Report

Development, Stories 18/11/2019 by Lovette Edwards Agbaji

Yesterday been the 17th day of November 2019, the 2nd edition of the Happy Girls Hangout took place at the proposed venue; Benue Hotels And Resort, Makurdi, Nigeria at exactly 1:30 pm. The occasion was opened with prayers led by Elizabeth Tser followed by attendees self-introduction.

The girls prayed © I am Benue 2019

Miss Lovette Edwards Agbaji is popularly known as Esperanza; the chief pioneer of Happy Girls Hangout gave motivational charge and words of encouragement. She spoke to the girls about never letting their heads down, the factors that young ladies attach their self worth to which isn’t supposed to be such as other people’s success, social media influence, personal appearance and flaws, relationship status, their Networth, age, who you know or who you don’t, etc.

Also she (Esperanza) gave points on how to build on self-worth which has to do with first of all understanding oneself (who you truly are, the kind of person you crave to become, your kinda taste,etc), secondly boost your self acceptance (accept and love yourself just the way you are), etc.

She also shared the word of God and encouraged the girls about talking to God in prayers and constantly studying the Bible which is God’s words and also telling the world about Jesus through their social media platforms, WhatsApp status updates among others.

Happy Girls Hangout November Edition © I am Benue 2019

Interviews were proferred as some of the guys just needed to express their excitement. It was indeed educating, informative, motivating and so impacting.

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