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Feel Free To Judge Me

Relationship, Stories 10/02/2018 by Ogo Marilyn Omaafrica Anoma

A lot of you will be disappointed but then I am sorry…. I can’t help it!

Every girl has at least dated a married man in her lifetime! 

Yes I say this because I know and I have fallen in love and still in love and still dating a married man.

Truth is, I can never stop loving him. I am so sorry, I can’t help myself.
It’s that strong!

Yes… Judge me!

Most ladies have issues with loving the men that come into their lives because they have not experienced being in love with a married man. It’s sad!

When my mum was alive, she fell out with me on several occasions. She could not understand this love. It was glaring! Everyone knew and called me a spoilt brat!

But that relationship is the one relationship that has helped to shape me into the woman I am today. I saw this man and still see him as an epitome of perfection. I feel peace each time I talk to him.

I remember him stealing away time from the family just to give me money and be with me. He would come to the salon when I make my hair abandoning his wife and home. He would have his wife make a special food for me. He was always there.

This man is responsible for the high level of confidence I exude… He would often say to me; “Nne imaka” I have never seen a more beautiful girl. I love you Omalicha. The love was so deep that most times, I can’t eat except he is around.

I remember once mum took me for deliverance because of this bond… Saying it was extreme! But that only made the love stronger.

I am still in love with this married man even though I can’t marry him.

Yes I have dated a married man and still love him so much and will never stop loving him even in death.

I am in love with this man and I think every girl should experience it.
That man is my father!

One thought on “Feel Free To Judge Me

  1. Myina

    Absolute rubbish!! Society has gone beyond this level of immortality! “If you are Benue” you won’t advocate such a write up! Come on!
    We in Benue are Christians and do not excuse adulterous relationships even if you use talent for literacy to express it


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