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End Benue Genocide; The Effect On The Victims Is Unbearable

Security, Stories 13/05/2018 by Kolough Clems Jnr

This is what the unabated and continuous killing of innocent Benue State citizens has landed us into. I was at a particular internally displaced persons IDPs camp recently and saw what made me cry, I returned back home in shock, it was after several hours that I was able to regain myself.

Just look the lady below, she is one of Benue Genocide’s victim, they killed her parents, burnt their entire house, she is now cooling her heals at the IDPs camp. The surprising part of her story is that, she is not the lazy type, she always try as much as she can to lay her hands of something tangible in order to make ends meet.

My worry is the environment, look at where she do her cooking business, someone may look at it as a normal thing, but looking at it from the medical perspective, those patronising her, their health condition after eating her meat etc.

Something should be done as a matter of urgency to end this problem initiated and handled by the herdsmen or else, environmental uncleanness alone is doing them more harm than good.

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