Ctrl + Z That Bad Habit Today

Inspirational, Stories 26/03/2013 by Robert Ekpeme

”It has become a regular practice for me and now I do it automatically. I find myself cut up in the act, some times consciously and most times unconsciously.”

Yeah! That’s the voice of Mr. ‘HABIT’ speaking up there. A fixed regular way of doing things or a learned bevahiour pattern, which could be positive or negative. At first, a bad or negative habit appears as a normal routine behaviour and seems to pose no threat.

A good habit adds value to your life while a bad habit reaps you off. With particular reference to bad habits, habits are rated bad when they are perceived to be detrimental to an individual and offensive to people around, and that is when the question of either stopping the habit or not comes up. You would only feel the urge to break a habit only when you feel it’s not doing you much good anymore and that you would fair better without such habits. One would not feel the urge to stop something that is not regarded as a problem.

The starting point of breaking that bad habit is to first accept or admit that its a problem, like you are being consciously or unconsciously held captive within yourself and that this problem has robbed you of many opportunities, limited your creativity and reduced your productivity.

Having done that, you now proceed to identifying what you stand to gain by dropping the habit, like asking yourself what you’ll benefit from eliminating bad habits like for instance picking your nails, sleeping too much, smoking, eating too much, excessive drinking, turning out late to appointments and so on.

At this point, having admitted that the bad habit is a problem to you, and also identified the merits of losing it, you’ll now have to take pragmatic steps towards replacing that problem/ bad habit with another desirable good habit, moving from negative to positive habits and then abstaining from it or any environment that encourages it.

Choose to undo that bad habit today.

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