Benue State and the study of engineering and medicine

Education, Stories 26/03/2013 by Akaafele

Written by Anwo Iordepuun Godfrey

Benue State at the moment is blessed with a Federal University (University of Agriculture Makurdi), a state university (Benue State University Makurdi) and a private university (University of Mkar, Mkar). One reason why people aspire to study in the university is to acquire professionalism since it is believed that the university system has it all. The study of two professional fields shall be treated here in relation to Benue State; these are Engineering and Medicine.

The University of Agriculture Makurdi has long before now been offering admission and graduating students in various areas of Engineering like Electrical Electronics, Mechanical, Civil, Environmental and Agricultural Engineering. All these courses have gotten full accreditation at undergraduate and some even at postgraduate levels too. However, since Engineering does not end with these courses, Benue indigenes aspiring to study other aspects of Engineering like Computer, Chemical, Building, Petroleum Engineering to mention but a few may have to compulsorily travel outside the state to achieve their dreams.

The issue of Medicine in Benue State has been a very controversial issue. Though the University of Agriculture has gotten full accreditation and graduated several Veterinary Doctors, the case of Human Medicine has been a serious battle at Benue State University, with the College of Medical Sciences yet to get full accreditation to graduate Doctors. It is however being rumoured that the college has finally gotten the long awaited accreditation, a development that will be a very big boost to the study of Medicine in Benue State. Before now, Benue indigenes wishing to study Medicine had to travel outside the state and face very challenging competition to get admission. With the recent development, this will soon be a thing of the past.

Let me conclude by encouraging the management of the University of Agriculture to explore other aspects of Engineering other than the once being offered by the institution at the moment. I am equally encouraging the management of the Benue State University to do everything in its powers to settle the issue of accreditation of the College of Medical Sciences once and for all so that the university can begin to graduate medical doctors.

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