Benue State and State creation

Stories 26/03/2013 by Akaafele

Written by Anwo Iordepuun Godfrey

Benue State is one among the leading states fronting for the creation of new states. Benue State is bidding for the creation of Apa (Zone C) and Katsina Ala (Zone A) States. However, the bid for Apa State seems to be stronger owing to the fact that the Senate President is from that zone. But with the statement of the Deputy Senate President and Chairman of the Senate Committee on Constitution Review Senator Ike Ekweramadu on the 14th November, 2012 that the National Assembly on its own cannot create new states, I wonder what becomes Benue State’s hope of giving birth to new state(s).

One point that is very pertinent to mention here is the fact that creation of new states creates more job opportunities as there are now more political positions to contest for and more vacant offices to occupy but what about the sudden rise in our recurrent expenditure? I keep on wondering where this will come from. Already most of our states especially in the north are practically bankrupt, so what becomes the hope of the new states?

Again many say the creation of new states removes marginalization, take for instance if Apa State is created, the Idomas will now have the opportunity of ruling as governor but little do they realize that creation of new states results in evolution of more minorities. In Zone C for instance, the Igede are a contending ethnic group that will powerfully come up should Apa State see the light of the day. Even among the Tivs, the dichotomy among the Jechira, Jemgbar, Sankara, Minda to mention but a few is an issue that will become very serious as new states emerge.

In conclusion, let me state categorically that Benue State deserves to be given more states but it is good we realize that more states will not promote peace, unity and harmony among the different ethnic groups, it will not remove the perceived marginalization and it will not eradicate the poverty presently ravaging the masses. What we need to do is make our present Benue State a better place.


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