Benue Is Bigger Than Ortom And Suswam

Leadership, Stories 8/05/2017 by Miriam Sewuese Apeverga

When and how on earth did we manage to reduce this giant entity called Benue state to some trivial concept known as Ortom vs Suswam?

The moment you talk about the poor performance of Ortom’s administration, you are labelled a Suswam/PDP supporter. People tell you to be patient and give Ortom more time to prove himself, they tell you it is the carryover from Suswam’s bad administration that is affecting the performance of Ortom’s government. In fact, some go as far as telling you that Ortom will eventually do better than Suswam if he completes 8 years in office.

My question is, just when did we make Suswam an S.I unit for measuring performance? How do you use failure as a yardstick for determining failure?

That is not all, once you complain of how Suswam poorly managed the state in his time, Suswam’s supporters are quick to tell you that Suswam performed better than Ortom is currently performing so he should be exonerated.

Again, I am like when did we begin to excuse somebody’s bad governance on another person’s bad performance.

As a teacher I know that there is no point in comparing the performance of two students who have performed below the threshold standard. If Mr A scored 35 and Mr B scored 30, they have both failed for as long as the pass mark is above 35. So yes, going by a two –year scale, Suswam performed better than Ortom, he scored 35 while Ortom had 30.

But where does that leave us?

It leaves us below the threshold standard-failure. That’s where we are. It beckons on Ortom to use the remaining time he has in office to salvage the situation. Whatever he chooses to do is entirely up to him but I have no time preferring one failure to another. Like I have always said, I am not in the ruling class so I have no business defending the poor performance of people in the ruling class. I refuse to be constrained to choosing between two bad choices… I am capable of operating outside the box and that is where I choose to be. The future of Benue state is too big for us to gamble. The future of Benue state is more than Suswam and Ortom, it is about the survival and progress of the millions of people who live and find their source of livelihood within the shores of this state.

Wise up Benue people!

2 thoughts on “Benue Is Bigger Than Ortom And Suswam

  1. kaave Paul

    The views of a sane and discerning person is always spot on but the gullible trivialise very important issues. You are precise.failure has no other name than it is called

  2. Jay

    Apt. Well and thoroughly captured.


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