Be prepared!

Inspirational, Stories 26/03/2013 by Akaafele

It was Abraham Lincoln who said he would prepare and wait for his opportunity and when it came, he would take it; I’m afraid I totally agree with him a hundred percent! You do not wait for life to just happen, you actually make life happen, you live life and there is no way better than to prepare for it, to make ready for it so that you are not caught unawares…

Set your priorities straight and leave the rest to God.

The Boys Scout motto as we all know is “Be Prepared” and I say whoever thought this out was indeed thinking very straight! Often times we wonder why the next person has got it so good and because we see only what we are meant to see, we imagine he or she is indeed in a bed of roses but if we take the time to look close enough then and only then will we come to know the amount of hard work, dedication, time and most importantly preparation such a person puts in to get the results we see…

Remember roses have thorns too!

Getting ready is what you and I can also easily do if we put our hearts to it and here’s how I see it; if you want to become a Senior Advocate of Nigeria tomorrow, get a law degree today and start working towards your goal, if you want a Nobel prize for peace then start building those bridges where conflicts abound, if you want to be Professor, get that doctorate and proceed from there.

Nothing stops you from being just about anything but yourself so get started now as it is the only way to be that which you envision for yourself…

Remember the journey of a thousand miles begins with a step and a hundred more “orderly” steps in the right direction.

… Like I’ll always say,

Be good, be you… Just be!

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