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An Evening Of Classics With Francis Atela

Music, Stories 28/01/2022 by Philomina Aondowase

On the 30th of December 2021, I chose to go to Precious Conference Centre Makurdi for ‘An Evening of Classics’. It is one of the best live classical music shows in Benue vicinity, conducted by Soundmine Music Project. This year it featured special guest, Nigerian idol star, Francis Atela.

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Soundmine Chorale offered a very unique opportunity to enjoy music and the artists at a very close angle with the stage buildup, establishing a distinguish affiliation between the performers and the audience.

I’m glad I got to be part of a wonderful musical experience. I will definitely do this again.

There was a fine mixture of genres from simple carols to classical, pop, R’n’B, Naija, and rap. The worship was especially outstanding. One of the chorale pieces, ‘Bella Ciao’ from the popular Money Heist Series, stood out to me explicitly and I could notice the positive responses from my fellow attendees. I found that particular piece exciting plus the harmony of all the instruments, the chorale, and the daring voices of the Trio apparently called The Fictional Criminals hahahaaaa.

The performers had lovely smiles and I could tell they really loved to perform and derived pleasure from satisfying their fans and audience.

Another fascinating part of the event was the mutual play between the audience, performers, organizers, and promotional sponsors, wholesomely appreciating beautiful music and talents. An Evening of Classics (EOC7) definitely resonated with the audience. The success of EOC7 proved its sovereignty in the music system in Benue. 

I am so glad I got to be part of a wonderful musical experience. I will definitely do this again.

One thought on “An Evening Of Classics With Francis Atela

  1. Chekwa Sir Ralph

    As a choir member back in the days, I can feel the atmosphere here. I’ll love to witness this too, someday.


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