This is why Benue state people migrate from home

Inspirational, Stories 25/03/2013 by Akaafele

Migration is simply the movement of people from one place to another. Migration is not a practice exclusive to Benue people but cuts across all tribes, race and nationality of the world. People migrate in Nigeria for various reasons, like for security reasons which involves a movement away from riots/conflict torn places/states to more peaceful states, other factors revolve around social, economic, geographical reasons, and so on.

The Benue people experience in particular stems from several reasons. Some of this reasons include for educational purposes, in search for other vocations or to take up more lucrative jobs, they also migrate to more developed parts of the country or the world where socio-economic standards are higher and could provide them a better life, some others migrate out of Benue for none of the above reasons but just to explore what life feels like outside Benue state in order to satiate their adventurous desires.

Whatever the reasons for migrating out of Benue state might be, it is important we think home wards often. We must show affection for the land of our birth, even though for many Diasporans especially the younger generation, it is not the land of their birth but definitely the land of their ancestral root. Therefore, we must ensure we always remember where it all begun for us or our fathers. Stay connected to your roots.

There’s really no place like HOME.

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