Inspirational, Stories 5/04/2017 by Maranatha Innocent

My Kidnapped Story In Makurdi, Benue State

The 8th of March 2017 will forever remain a day to remember. So I went to the bank to withdraw some money since my mum needed it that evening and I wouldn’t be back home until 5pm. Of course banks will be closed by then so I had to withdraw that morning. Like every other day, I left for school […]

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Development, Stories 30/01/2014 by Akaafele

Attitude of Bus Drivers And Motor Cyclists in Benue State

Within the township, the role of public transport cannot be underplayed. It is thus important to group them among those services that aid the movement of people and their goods. There are two groups of them in Benue. The town service buses and commercial motor cyclists or Okada as they are popularly called. Irrespective of their contribution one cannot help […]

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