Organizational Structure of Benue Links Nigeria Limited

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Benue Links (Nigeria) Limited like any other incorporated company, its Articles of Association provide a Board of Directors at the apex of the organization which provides general policy guidance and direction, headed by a General Manager (in 1998 of Mr. Terna Ahua) as the Chief Executive is responsible for the day-to-day operation and executive of the Board’s Policies. In addition ,  the company also has internal Audit, Monitoring and Legal Services/Company Secretary as Unites answerable directly to the General Manager and Chief Executive of the Company.

Next to the General Manager in the hierarchical personnel arrangement of Benue Links (Nigeria) Limited is Assistant General Manager. He takes charge of the functional departments in existence as well as purchasing and statistics/planning units. These functional departments are:


The administrative department takes charge of staff records, personnel matters and general welfare of the workers. Units like Public Relations and Personnel fall under its jurisdiction. The department is headed by an Administrative Manager, assisted by an Administrative Officer and Clerks. The Security unit, typists, cleaners/Messengers for smooth operation of the company all fall under this department.

Finance Departments:

Finance Department is in charge of revenue collection, keeps all financial records such as receipts on the purchase of vehicles, spare parts, payment of salaries and so on, and is headed by an Accountant who is assisted by account clerks. Other staff under this department include those in stores and fuel clerks.

* These departments hitherto were separated and each headed by a manager but presently (as of 1998), are somehow merged but still carry out their normal duties.

Maintenance/Commercial Workshop Department:

This department carries out two major functions. The maintenance section also referred to as the Engineering, Technical department takes care of the maintenance or repair and routine services of Benue Links vehicles.

The commercial workshop as the name implies, is a section in the department that repair, and services private and/or government vehicles on commercial basis, since Benue Links has the most modern workshop and tools in Benue State. It is headed by a Manager (Workshop manager) and assisted by supervisors for efficient and effective operation.

Traffic Service/Commercial Department:

The functions of these department are in most cases appreciated and treated together since they work hand in hand. In real sense however, they are different, perform separate and diverse functions as well as headed by different and separate managers.

The traffic Department is headed by the Traffic manager; His major functions is to detail vehicles or route vehicles on daily basis as well as supervise drivers. He also in conjunction with the Assistant manager determine who should drive which vehicle and who should not. The payment of drivers night Allowance and fuel money also fails under his jurisdiction.

The Commercial department headed by a commercial manager who is saddled with the responsibilities of arranging for all matters concerning the hiring of company vehicles also, in liaison with the Assistant or general manager determine routes that are economical to be plied as well as the the fares to be charged and whether the general fares be increased or decreased. The staff under this department are booking clerks, freight officers and company’s agents.

Ferry Services:

This department is made up of staff carrying out various functions relating to the operations of the company’s water Transport system. The department is directly under the control of the Assistant General Manager. The staff in the department are those manning the activities or services of the ferry at Buruku in Guma Local Government Area of Benue State and the Water Bus plying Makurdi to Udengi Water route, linking the people of Benue State.

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