Dear Dr. Nyaregh

Inspirational, Stories 1/08/2017 by Teryima Manta

I haven’t heard from you since the general retrenchment in Benue Cement Company (BCC) where many staff including my father were fired. I am here wondering if you are alive and I really hope you are.

Do you remember me?

I choose to call you Doctor even though am pretty sure you were a senior nurse when I was admitted in Benue Cement Hospital. My memory has failed me, I can’t remember the year or how old I was. Forgive me if we have met after all these years and I didn’t recognize you. I want you to know that your name will never be forgotten and when I make heaven I will still tell the good Lord about you.

You were a friend, an uncle, a brother, a father and a messenger sent by God to intervene in the case of a dying child who was bound for greatness. I have lost count of the drugs, drips, blood transfusion I received. The countless injections caused a reaction in my left thigh and I was later put through surgery to stop it from swelling.

Did I mention to you the first person I saw when I regained consciousness after that surgery was my Mom? She was at the door but I couldn’t tell if she was smiling or crying because my vision was so blur and she appeared to be upside down. Oh! Because of laying in the same direction for many months I lost some hair till date they haven’t grown back.

When the medication was not helping you drastically took another direction which I am not sure you learnt from a medical school. You started praying for my recovery and advised me to also be in prayers. Dr. did you also go home thinking I might not wake up the next day as many visitors confessed? I remember when my sister visited one evening; it was a free fall of tears because she could not believe what her eyes saw as she held me close to her chest. Did you always go home believing I will wake up feeling better and stronger?

Do you remember the promise you made to me?

You promised to get me a soccer ball as soon as I recovered; this was the turning point because I never owned one before then. As a soccer lover I was scared I might lose my leg. Every night I went to bed hoping I wake up much better because I wanted the soccer ball more than anything else.

Today I am a living testimony with all the scars proving I am a survival. I wish every hospital is filled with dedicated and God fearing people like you.

  • What if I never recovered?
  • What if I lost my leg?
  • What if you were not there?

Since the last visit a lot has changed my Mom, Dad and my Sister the one who escorted me during the last time I visited you are all deceased. Nevertheless I have grown stronger, smarter and bigger. You won’t believe your eyes if you see me today.

As I celebrate my birthday I want to thank you for the role you played in my recovery, I pray God bless you and your family in JESUS Name Amen! Aondo a seer Ortwer.

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