Security, Stories 20/03/2017 by Joe Kutuh

Ranching On Our Graves

The locusts of death have made it an annual ritual to return in deadlier fashion on every invasion. They use the Southern States for rehearsals while the real mission is the conquest of the lush grassland of the #MiddleBelt. They terrorized and decimented the psyche of the #SouthernKaduna indigenes, they have mauled and driven out those who are not their […]

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Security, Stories 16/03/2017 by Vanguard Against Tiv Massacre (VATIM)

“Stop The Killings In Benue By Herdsmen And Their Hired Mercenaries”

A Press Statement By Vanguard Against Tiv Massacre (VATIM) On The Ongoing Attempted Genocide in Benue State by Killer Herdsmen Issued on the protest Match to the National Assembly Abuja, Nigeria 1. Introduction 2. The issues 3. The impact of the crises 4. Call for Action 5. Conclusion Long live Benue State, Long live Nigeria. Vanguard Against Tiv Massacre (VATIM) […]

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Security, Stories 15/03/2017 by Hemen AgureDem

In 2007, I almost married a Fulani girl!

She was the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen, more beautiful than most beauty queens (she had some Arab genes in her, hence the very long hair). She was about my height (6 ft), educated, and was deft in the deadly art of using the dagger! Her father had cattle in the thousands which were in Nassarawa, Plateau, Benue and […]

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Security, Stories 15/03/2017 by Terver Akase

Cattle Grazing Bill: Benue People To Make, Own The Law

I have read comments by some social media writers drawing unnecessary comparisons between Ekiti State Governor Ayo Fayose and his Benue State counterpart, Samuel Ortom. Most of the comments tilt towards the law on grazing of cattle passed by Ekiti State and the bill sent to the Benue State House of Assembly by Governor Ortom. I am convinced that many […]

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Security, Stories 14/03/2017 by Iorliam'Amo Shija

Fulani This, Fulani That

The planting season is almost here again in rural Benue, and once more, as it has become common in recent past, the farmers are afraid and uncertain. They are afraid of the nomadic Fulanis who descend, year in year out, with their cattle from the far north into the marshes of the middle belt to graze. From time immemorial, the […]

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