I Miss Home, Do You?

Inspirational, Stories 13/11/2013 by Robert Ekpeme

I am Benue – resident in Jos city of Nigeria. You might want to ask me how I feel about home as a Diasporan. It would be interesting to note that the feeling I get been born and bred outside Igede, my home town would relatively differ from the feeling one who was born and bred in Igede would get when away from home, though with close similarities. I was eight when my parents took my siblings and me to the village for security reasons, actually in response to the June 12 political tension of the early 90s. Fortunately, for especially we the kids, our stay at home got stretched long enough to coincide with the new yam festival (Igede Agba). This was the first Igede Agba experience for me and my siblings, and we no doubt ceased the moment. Of course, other shorter visits followed there after.

From the home experiences I’ve had and the fact that I’m based outside Benue, I can’t help but say I miss home so much that I get home sick most times.

Personally, I miss Benue especially my native land of Igede, the people, my relatives, the cultural dances, the traditional music, special delicacies, and serene atmosphere of village life which can be compared to non other.

When you love your roots and hold strong affection for it, you won’t help but think home wards irrespective of how long you’ve been away from it and where ever you might be in the world. Some Benue people by virtue of the fact that they were born in Diaspora do not think it is necessary to visit home for any reason. The truth is that, you can’t miss some thing you never had. How would some one who has never stayed at home, visited home or experienced village life before miss home? Anyways, this should serve as a call to change of our attitude towards how we regard our roots as Benue people in Diaspora, our thoughts towards were we originate from really matters.

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