Development, Stories 30/01/2014 by Akaafele

Attitude of Bus Drivers And Motor Cyclists in Benue State

Within the township, the role of public transport cannot be underplayed. It is thus important to group them among those services that aid the movement of people and their goods. There are two groups of them in Benue. The town service buses and commercial motor cyclists or Okada as they are popularly called. Irrespective of their contribution one cannot help […]

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Inspirational, Stories 13/11/2013 by Robert Ekpeme

Keeping In Touch With Your Benue Roots

Staying connected to Benue state and the trending happenings in the state is imperative not only for those resident in state but also for people of Benue origin in Diaspora (within Nigeria and abroad). Its quite a challenge for Diasporans because the longer you live in Diaspora and perhaps without constant visits home and sustainable contact with people of same […]

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Relationship, Stories 25/03/2013 by Tyover Gum

Women and their different shades

I can still remember telling my mother in the face some years ago in the middle of a heated argument “women are all the same, whether you are somebody’s mother or not” at the twilight of my tertiary education. That comment jolted her, took her completely off guard, and she cursed, threatened, lamented and put up a dangerous frame, as […]

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