ehigocho lucy © I am Benue 2021

Development, Entrepreneurship 11/04/2021 by Lucy Ehigocho Agih

I Couldn’t Wait To Be Independent – Ehigocho

My name is Lucy Ehigocho Agih. I am from Benue State, Nigeria. I am Idoma by tribe from Apa local government area. I was born in Kontagora in Niger State on the 17th of October, 1993 and there I started my primary education at St. Micheals Nursery/Primary School, Kontagora and continued at Poly Staff School, Bida still in Niger State […]

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chekwa Raphael © I am Benue 2021

Building Engineering, Development 11/02/2021 by Akaafele

More About Chekwa Raphael That You Need To Know

The versatile young man was born to the family of Pa Christopher Philip Akume Chekwa Kulatsa Kpile, of Mbaagule, Mbazembe, of Ipav extraction in Gboko Local Government Area, Benue State and Ma Elizabeth Theresa Ashide nee Zungwe Ajabu of Mbaagwa, Ukan, Ushongo Local Government Area of Benue State; all of the blessed memory. His siblings include Mrs Tarkaa Comfort Gertrude […]

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snapple hotel © I am Benue 2019

Entrepreneurship, Stories 27/12/2020 by Akaafele

Snapple Hotel, Makurdi

The amazing boutique hotel is in a well secured Government Reservation Area (GRA) where peace and quiet reign.   A small luxury hospitality facility where a warm reception awaits you and takes you to the deep comfort of a home away from home. Rooms: There are different types of rooms designed to give you maximum comfort and at the same time […]

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Development, Stories 5/12/2020 by Jessica Mne

On Whose Desk The Buck Stops

In the general order of society, it is believed and true that elders control and detect the direction at which a society moves. Every elderly person you see today talks about the good old days, how they were raised with sound morals, values in an ethical sanctified environment. Each is quick to discredit the ones coming up for the low […]

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Development, Stories 2/09/2020 by Sesugh Akume

A Word To The Good People Of Sankera And Buruku

Yesterday or so, I saw social media reports that the Logo local government chairman, Isaac Terseer Agber, along with his (unnamed) driver survived a boat mishap on Thursday (27 August) evening, at about 6:30 pm, crossing River Katsina-Ala at Buruku, on his way from Makurdi to Ugba. He and the driver escaped drowning, and the vehicle was later recovered at […]

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Health, Stories 23/08/2020 by Akaafele

In Health, Leadership And Publishing, Meet ‘Miracle’ Dr Igyuse Saater

Igyuse Saater was born in Zaki Biam in Ukum local government of Benue State, it’s been a humble beginning but with an unwavering determination to carve out a niche and achieve success. This has involved hundreds of failed attempts. However, as the common saying goes, the universe conspires to help people achieve their dreams when they are passionate about them.  […]

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Development, Stories 16/05/2020 by Ojotule Angela Omaji

Slaves In Our Own Land

Stay at home, wash your hands,  wear your mask (face) if you must come out. Stay at home they shouted now, remain locked down they shouted. Their voices echoed from miles away… They forgot how they opened our borders for the virus to come when we begged to close our borders. Our borders remained opened for profit, for foreigners to […]

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Development 5/05/2020 by Akaafele

Three Lessons From MUTUK Online Management and Leadership Seminar

I recently participated in the Online Leadership and Management Seminar that Dr Kohol Iornem, the President of Mzough U Tiv UK (MUTUK) initiated along with his Executive Management Committee. The seminar, which was hosted using the Zoom App, was very interactive. Participants joined in from the United Kingdom and Nigeria to learn and share their respective opinions on the key […]

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Development 26/04/2020 by Adiya Atuluku

Open Letter To The Governor Of Benue State

Dear Governor Samuel Ortom Recommendations on How to Improve the Economy of Benue State through Agriculture and Youth Job Creation As a Benue citizen, I am writing this letter in concern for the economy of Benue State and ultimately, of Nigeria as a whole. Benue is a land of rich resources, both human and natural, but it is unfortunate that […]

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