Akaa Fele

Founder, Creative Director

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I am a digital media strategist, practitioner and designer. Media and design to me remain an essential tool for enhancing development. In which, without compromising on quality, I make sure that audio-visual, still images, graphics, sketches and front-end web design contents I create are meaningful, functional, carrying a message and adding value to projects.

Erika Balode @ I am Benue 2018

Erika Balode

Back End Developer

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I am the founder of Columba London and I love crafting and developing websites using HTML5, CSS3, RWD, CMS.

doosuur jessica ukula © I am Benue 2020

Doosuur Ukula

Content Developer

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Writing has been both a hobby and passion for me and I enjoy humanitarian services. Reading has made the best of me and that is why I love creating and encouraging people through writing to help change the world by creating contents that would spur performance and inspire them to carry out great humanitarian services.