Dajo Pottery Limited

The International Multi Award Winning ceramic Industry, was founded in 1987 by Levi OBem Yakubu in Makurdi Benue State, Nigeria, and incorporated in Nigeria May 1990 with RC Number 149117.


Excellence Sustained


Dajo Pottery Ltd aims to be recognized as an excellent brand in local, national, regional and global ceramic markets. It seeks to be a household name whose products and services are appreciated because of their excellence and fordable quality.


To create and sustain excellent ceramic and allied products and services that are available at a fordable cost in all accessible markets and to develop the ceramic arts, sciences and technologies as positive tools of local economic empowerment and contributors to national prosperity.

Dajo Pottery combines the best of the pottery tradition of several generations with contemporary techniques with the integration of the most current technology of the industry to create works of spectacular and unique appeal that t in most comfortably with todays lifestyle. In accordance with companys motto of Excellence Sustained, Dajo Pottery Ltd ensures a happy combination of aesthetic utility in its wide range of products for its varied clientele that cuts across the socio-economic spectrum of the population. These include:

1. Flower Vases

Assorted ower vases include the African Queen, the D and G series and gure 8 vases.

2. Kitchenware

These include lidded casseroles, chicken brick, cereal bowls, dessert bowls and tea/co ffee sets as well as water and juice pitchers; platters of various sizes, colors and shapes for everyday use around the household.

3. Lamp stands

These include aesthetic pieces such as the African drum, the virgin of the Benue whose exotic shapes and hues add unique color and character to a room.

4. Digital murals (photo tiles) – Dajo Pottery is one of a select few places in the world that
uses cutting edge digital technology to ingrain permanent images on ceramic tiles to create a permanent historical or artistic illustrations on doors or walls of buildings.

5. African Art Icons

Modern ceramic renderings of ancient African artistic icons such as the terracotta artifacts of the NOK and the bronze sculptures of Benin provide artistic space for communication through the ages.