Ministry Of Education

Education is a very important aspect of a people’s life and therefore holds a sensitive  an administrative priority.

Benue State Ministry Of Education directs the formulation and implementation of education policies. It controls the development and administration of Benue State government and government aided primary, secondary and tertiary schools or institutions. The ministry operates in close partnership with communities, private sector and voluntary agencies such as:

  1. The Federal Ministry of Education.
  2. The Tertiary Education Trust Funds, TETfund.
  3. Universities Commission and Development Partners amongst others.


The ministry is aimed at facilitating and enhancing the smooth administration of the day-to-day operations of the personnel, institutions and agencies involved in service delivery and projects execution. It also registers private schools based on set standards.

The ministry has Nine departments, Seven of these are professional departments while Two are service delivery departments. Below are the departments:

  1. Science and Technology Education.
  2. Education Support Services.
  3. Quality Assurance.
  4. Planning Research and Statistics.
  5. Secondary Education.
  6. Special Education.
  7. Tertiary Education.
  8. Administration and Supplies.
  9. Finance and Accounts.

Functions of the department:

  1. Provision of basic or primary level of education.
  2. Provision of secondary level and ICT education.
  3. The ministry checks the standard of education.
  4. The ministry also provides and supervises adult education.
  5. The ministry affects the populace in every aspects and stages through basic literacy and post literacy.
  6. It ensures platforms for women education programs and mass media education.
  7. The ministry manages the relationship of stakeholders for efficiency and correspondence.

Agencies under Benue State Ministry Of Education:

  1. State Universal Basic Education Board, SUBUB.
  2. Benue State Teaching Service Board, TSB.
  3. Benue State Scholarship Board, BSSB.
  4. Benue State Examination Board, BSEB.
  5. Agency For Adult And Non-Formal Education, ANFEA.

Tertiary Institutions:

Benue State University, Makurdi.

College Of Education, Katsina-Ala.

College Of Education, Oju.

Benue State Polytechnic, Ugbokolo.

College Of Advance And Professional Studies, Makurdi.