Actress: Hembadoon Jennifer Sombo

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“I can’t remember a time I never wanted to act.’’ This was Jennifer’s response when asked what piqued her interest in acting.

Born fourth of 5 siblings, Hembadoon Jennifer Sombo is a talented actress from Konshisha in Benue State, Nigeria. The dark-skinned beauty is proud of her Tiv heritage and speaks fondly of her childhood in Makurdi, growing up with supportive siblings and parents who saw in her the potential to act and encouraged it even at a time when a career in acting was not the norm.

“I was the most animated child in the house; my antics would fill volumes of books. At 32 I’m still referred to as a drama queen, though I think I’m really just a queen who loves drama.” She says this laughing heartily while adjusting an imaginary crown, true to her vivacious personality.

Jennifer was born on the 30th of October, 1986. After her primary and high school education, she applied to study Theatre Arts at the University of Abuja where she was the best graduating student in her set (2009/2010), with a CGPA of 3.97. She did the mandatory 1 year NYSC scheme in Lagos afterwards, where alongside her primary assignment at a bank, she was involved in acting and modelling stints. Talk about being multi-skilled!

Hembadoon Jennifer Sombo © I am Benue

In 2012 she starred in the feature film Journey to Self, directed by Tope Oshin as well as in a short film, NOT directed by Uduaq Obong.

As one who is constantly seeking improvement, the years 2017 – 2018 had Jennifer pursuing a Master’s Degree in Drama at the University of Chester, United Kingdom. Through a great deal of determination and hard work, she graduated with Merit. She did a lot of stage performances while studying both in Nigeria and the UK. To mention a few;

  • This Land Must Sacrifice,
  • The Reign of Wazobia,
  • Journey to Self,
  • God where are You?

When asked her mantra and what she lives by, Jennifer responds “In life risk is essential, for only a real risk has the quality of a belief.” And on her unflinching faith in God, she says “He will always be my faithful Friend and Father, for He gave me a second chance at life and love.”

Three words that describe her are risk-taker, resilient and strong. She enjoys reading, dancing and travelling especially on road trips, and her favourite colour is black. On a more personal note, Jennifer is single, loves to love, loves to give, and describes herself as a hugger and kisser. She is excited at the endless possibilities ahead, is optimistic about the future of acting and theatre in Nigeria and worldwide, and is certainly open to collaborations.

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  1. John

    Never stop learning

  2. Usoro

    She’s truly a drama queen. She gives it original. No fakeness. No formings. Watch out for this black superstar beauty.


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