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Agricultural Revolution is Poverty Solution


RePUT (Reconciliation Peace and Unity of Tiv), is a God-given vision for the mass Mobilisation of Tiv people across the world for Tiv Nation-building, by developing and strengthening Tiv citizens, Tiv families, Tiv communities, Tiv Institutions and true Democratisation, to take CONTROL, OWNERSHIP AND POSSESSION of the Tiv economy, permanently destroying poverty throughout the Tiv World as God Almighty has purposed.

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Menroi Rural Priority Foundation

Improving Lives; Our Priority

  • 18 Jonah Jang Crescent
    Hudco Quarters
    High-Level, Makurdi
    Benue State, Nigeria

  • +2348037042026
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We are a charity organization contributing to alleviating poverty and advancing social and economic conditions of the less privileged in our society. We are driven by a desire to build relationships, partnerships and friendships to support and empower the less privileged in our rural communities.

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