Entertainment, Stories 29/10/2019 by Terver Malu

My Name is Terver Malu

“I learned how to move in a room full of Vultures” Here I was meeting and greeting with the stars smartly dressed in my all-white linen threads. A few moments ago I walked my first red carpet and it was everything I had seen on TV; lights, cameras, glitz and glamour. They even had a bunch of amped-up youth cheering […]

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Benue Artiste, Entertainment, Stories 11/10/2019 by Akaafele

Her Name is Hembadoon Jennifer Sombo

“I can’t remember a time I never wanted to act.’’ This was Jennifer’s response when asked what piqued her interest in acting. Born fourth of 5 siblings, Hembadoon Jennifer Sombo is a talented actress from Konshisha in Benue State, Nigeria. The dark-skinned beauty is proud of her Tiv heritage and speaks fondly of her childhood in Makurdi, growing up with […]

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dooshima © I am Benue 2019

Entertainment, Stories 15/05/2019 by Dooshima Hilda Ingya

The Beauty In Dancing – Dooshima

Dance to me is a way of love and has taught me a whole lot of things that have built me up positively. One of the things I love most about my career is being able to work with children, discover their talents and help them build and nurture it. Grace Ene Anteyi; I am proud Benue Born. I am […]

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Entertainment, Stories 16/03/2019 by Bethel Olaje

“Am In Love” – Bethel Olaje

Yeah yeah yeah……. Chorus (Am in love with you Nobody else Am in love with you)2x (Na me and you forever We stick like glue together Nobody can take your place in my heart No never)2x Verse 1 Say it’s you that I want I can never lie about it I’ve gone round and round But I still find myself […]

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King Ray © IamBenue 2018

Entertainment, Stories 10/10/2018 by Akaafele

“If I’m to rewrite my life story again I will pick Makurdi again” – King Ray

My name is Raymond Shagbaor Iorkohol (King Ray). I am from Kwande local government Area of Benue.  Raymond is an Actor and a model. I started Modelling while I was in Benue State University Makurdi (BSU) studying Theater Arts.   I was a runner-up Mr Theatre Arts Department in 2010, runner-up Mr Benue Carnival 2011 and runner-up Mr Benue 2011.   if I’m to rewrite my life story again I will pick Makurdi again In 2012 I represented Benue in […]

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Entertainment, Stories 8/08/2018 by Akaafele

‘Daddy’ – Shime Ahua

Verse 1 I jumped, I jumped off the roof I fell, I fell to the ground I thought the angels would pick me up I thought, angels would pick me up I cried, spirit died I went around, with guilt in my eyes Father said “I’m always watching” Oh He said “I can’t hear you calling me” I fell on […]

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payday © I am Benue 2018

Entertainment, Stories 15/06/2018 by Orwi Manny Ameh

Payday; The Movie

Synopsis Just before best friends and flatmates Paul (Baaj Adebule) and Ortega (Ebiye Victor) renew their yearly rent, their Landlord dies very suddenly, and seemingly without any heir apparent. The young men seize upon the unfortunate but good opportunity to ‘enjoy’ a little. They go on an expensive night out. The Landlord’s daughter (Segilola Ogidan) turns up the following morning […]

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Kvung James Owo © I am Benue 2018

Entertainment, Stories 10/06/2018 by Akaafele

‘Owo Kudi Ego’ – Kvng James

Intro:  (Yeah)  NYAMA   (no no no no)  KOBOKO   (Oh no no no no)   Verse 1  King Nyama in a Benz   I ain’t telling them my plans   Foreign cash in my pants  Gold watch in my hands   Jesus piece on my chains   I came through and I stayed true see I Ain’t sitting on the fence   Flow sick I need D4   About to blow up like C4  Money long like aliko   N’naa gimme my Egó   pls […]

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